The North Stills Team

North stills office

North Stills is a trusted, industry leading manufacturer and supplier of distillation, fermentation, and brewing equipment. Our company was founded in 2016 out of a vision to provide distillers and brewers with quick access to an extensive range of affordable and high-quality equipment. Since our inception, we’ve rapidly grown to become the industry’s premier choice due to our superior knowledge of the craft, our uncompromising quality standards, and our unparalleled customer service.

The equipment that we provide caters to a range of distillation and brewing applications and is used specifically to produce beverage alcohol (spirits), essential oils, and cannabis extracts. We specialize in equipment used in the commercial and industrial production of these products, as well as providing an extensive range of small to medium scale moonshine stills and brewing equipment for home use. Big or small, we do it all.

Our team is comprised of a group of highly dedicated individuals bringing a wealth of industry specific knowledge and experience to the table. We come from a variety of different professional backgrounds and share a common deeply rooted passion for craft distillation and brewing. We are distillation experts, and we take your goals very seriously.


Why work with North Stills?

Our Huge Inventory:

Need equipment fast and don’t want to wait months for custom fabrication? No problem. We regularly assemble turn-key systems for our clients with little to no lead time.

Our 4,000 square foot warehouse in Barrie, Ontario stocks 15, 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, and 1200 litre stills and mash tuns at all times. This equipment is modular and can be configured any number of ways to produce all types of spirits and essential oils using components that we keep in-house. We stock a full range of CSA and UL certified heating solutions along with all the parts and components needed for every step of the brewing, fermenting, and distillation process from grain to glass.

Our Expert Advice:

Our staff have years of industry specific expertise, and we offer free equipment consultations to our clients. After getting to know you and understanding your production goals, we quickly put together the best possible equipment solutions and educate where needed to make the entire purchasing process a breeze. We’ve sold more than one thousand systems and we have worked with more than one hundred commercial craft distilleries to date.

Our Custom Designs:

Upon request, we design custom hybrid stills and turn-key grain to glass system packages based on the unique production goals of our customers. Once a consultation has taken place, our design team provides a very quick turnaround time on schematics and 3D equipment renderings to be confirmed by our clients before manufacturing begins.

Our Uncompromised Quality:

We are avid brewers and distillers ourselves and know firsthand that our customers require heavy duty equipment that both does a stellar job and is built to last. Our equipment has been meticulously designed and refined through many years of real-life research and development to do just that.

Our Competitive Pricing:

In today’s shifting economic environment, we understand that our customers require access to high quality equipment without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer some of the most competitive pricing industry wide. Most of our pricing is displayed openly in our online catalogue, and custom equipment will be quoted in a timely manner. Ask us about our equipment financing!

Our Lifetime Support:

We warranty our equipment and offer lifetime support on everything that we sell. We stand by our customers and our equipment, and we are committed to providing you with the best service no matter what.

It all starts with a conversation. Call or email us today!