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Copper is undeniably the best metal available for distilling moonshine and craft spirits and copper pot stills have been used for centuries. Copper improves the flavour of distilled spirits because it forms a weak chemical bond with sulphur. Sulphur can be created during the fermentation process, and using a copper column on your still ensures that any sulphur present in your wash or mash wont end up in the distillate. Because of this, it is always recommended to have some copper in the vapour path when distilling. At North Stills we offer a variety of copper pot columns, reflux towers, and still boilers.

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Alembic Whiskey Stills Designed For Your Home Distilling Needs

The copper stills are a user-friendly distillation tool used for making alcohol. These copper stills have been used for many centuries now, and are often associated with alchemy. Egyptians were the first people to make copper alembic stills. Their design with copper, onion-shaped head and overall copper construction is suited to making sprits such as whiskey, bourbon and brandy. These copper stills perfectly add excellent flavor and aroma to your spirits, allowing you to produce a high quality product that you and your friends will love.

Copper Pot Stills Deliver Great Quality Spirits

Our copper alembic whiskey stills have a proven design that has been used with great results by generations of spirit distillers. Every one of our stills are hand crafted with love and all of our products are 100% also lead-free.

Why Copper Is Ideal For Still Construction

Here are some of the reasons why copper is the optimal material for converting your mash into appetizing moonshine:

The most important and distinctive property that makes copper the optimal material for pot stills is that fact that copper actually reacts on a molecular level with alcohol, making the end product taste even better. One byproduct of yeast during the fermentation process is sulfur. This means that the wash that enters the still may have sulfur compounds present. Having copper in the vapour path ensures that any of these compounds present will react with the copper in your still and not make their way into the end product.

Copper Still Manufacturers North Stills

As you might already know, sulfur is a foul-smelling and foul-tasting element that, if allowed to form in your essential oil or distilled spirit, will give the final product a foul smell and a bad taste.

When these sulfur compounds, however, come in contact with copper, they react at a molecular level and turn into copper sulfate – which sticks to the surface of the pot still.  This helps to remove the unwanted sulfur smell and taste from your final product.

Secondly, copper has a very high electrical and thermal conductivity, which ensures even distribution of heat and successful cooling of vapors.

Moreover, copper is malleable, so it is a valuable material to work with to produce the characteristic and essential curves in a still.  It is also a very resilient metal, which helps to enhance its overall durability. It is easily pounded, stretched and cut into the required shape. This makes it a great material for making distillation equipment.

Copper Still for Essential Oils

Copper is also resistant to rust, particularly under extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations. That’s why copper items have been found in good condition in different archeological sites around the world, including some dating as far back as ancient Egypt.

Another important attribute of copper is its great antimicrobial properties. Copper has been scientifically proven to destroy a broad array of bacteria and viruses. Many hospitals have installed copper doorknobs to help reduce the transmission of disease. Plumbing systems also rely on copper to control the presence of bacteria in bathing and drinking water. Copper also hinders the production of ethyl carbonate, a poisonous substance produced from cyanides.

Due to reactions at a molecular level, copper enhances the aroma and quality of your spirit when the mash is not pure, making your final product far more palatable.

While stainless steel pot stills may still be more affordable and stay shiny longer, the advantages of buying a copper still are much superior. And don’t underrate the appeal of the reddish-orange color of copper – steeped in history, tradition and exceptional flavors!

Handcrafted copper alembic stills are not only beautiful to view but are totally functional, allowing home distillers to make exceptional spirits that they can enjoy with friends and family while making essential oils that can be used in so many different ways and fields today.

We don’t believe in sacrificing on quality. Instead, we offer only high quality handmade copper stills that, if taken proper care of, will last you a lifetime. Why buy substandard products made with thinner copper sheets that tend to leak after using them just a few times when you can purchase a high quality copper pot still that will last generations and be truly treasured by your children and their children for many decades to come!

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