100L Essential Oil Distilling System


2 Boiler steam hydrosol and essential oil distiller

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2 Boiler steam hydrosol and essential oil distiller. First boiler used to boiler water creating steam flowing through to the second boiler holding desired botanicals, steam captures oils which are then condensed by a 3″ pot still head.

Steam boiler can be heated via one of our NS 5500 240v electrical heating units with 5500w elements or a propane burner.

Comes with:
2x 100L Boilers
2x Drains
1x 2″ Ferruled stainless steel connector pipe with elbow
1x 4″ stainless Pot still head with shotgun style condenser
1x Screen gasket
3x Thermometers
*Comes complete with all necessary clamps and gaskets

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Weight 109 lbs


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