4″ Copper Flute Column (6 plate sections) on 100L Double-Walled Boiler



Make vodka, whiskey, brandy, or rum using liquid or solid mash with zero risk of scorching. A cutting edge unit for distillers allowing for absolute versatility in recipe development.
nThis is a 4″ diameter fully modular flute column with a 6 bubble plates on top of a 100 litre double-walled (jacketed) boiler. This unit is heated by inserting two 5500 watt element into the chamber on the bottom between the two walls. The space between the walls is filled with cooking oil or water and the element is switched on using our CSA approved NS11000 control box. This allows for even heat distribution inside the internal kettle with no hot spots, allowing you to distill on mashes containing solids with no risk of scorching!
nWorks with liquid washes, solid all grain mashes, and fruit macerations.

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Dimensions 26 × 33 × 111 in


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