Prestige Series 1200L Mash Tun/ Whisky Still Combo


1000 litre mash tun/ whisky still combo

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Prestige Series 1200 litre Mash Tun/ Whiskey Still Combo

This is our steam jacketed mash tun/ whiskey still with a working capacity of 1200 litres (or 300 gallons). This versatile best selling unit is ideal for the commercial production of artisanal craft spirits such as whiskey, brandy, and rum. It’s powerful centrally positioned agitation system allows for maximum stability and thorough mixing and cooking of even the thickest of grain mashes. It also makes an exceptional stripping and polishing still and blending tank. This piece of equipment is the perfect solution for commercial distilleries who wish to combine their mash tun and still into one single versatile unit with a minimal footprint. Designed to be heated with a low pressure steam boiler.

Comes with:
-1200 litre/ 300 gallon (working capacity) 304 stainless steel kettle
-steam jacket
-polyurethane insulation jacket
-5 horse power explosion proof WEG agitator
-extra wide mixing paddles inside kettle
-24″ borosilicate glass clamp down manway
-level meter on internal kettle
-pressure relief valves on steam jacket and internal kettle
-14″ diameter copper whiskey/ stripping column with four bypass-able bubble plates
-14″ diameter copper dephlegmator
-offset 12″ stainless tube and shell product condenser on stand
-proofing parrot
-4″ butterfly valve drain
-clean in place (CIP) spray balls in kettle and above each plate in the column with applicable plumbing
-thermometers in side and top of internal kettle, column, dephlegmator, and product condenser
-stands on 4 adjustable NPT feet
-brushed stainless steel finish on outer jacket and condenser stand(optional)
Ask about our internal crash cooling coil/ heat exchanger option.

This unit can be built in any size and with any number of customizations. Call us at 1 800 569 7866 today for pricing info on this unit and all of our commercial distillation systems.